A random collection of articles, blog posts, and other things I think are worth sharing.

New York Times: Weasels are Built for the Hunt

Pittsburgh Post Gazette: A Guide to Covering Donald Trump (LOL)

Huffington Post: Moms, Put on that Swimsuit

“That night, I asked my son what his favorite part of being at the beach was, and you know what he said? “Running on the beach with you and Daddy.”

Washington Post: Obama’s Most Unusual Legacy? Being a Good Dad (One of the things I admire most about President Obama is how much he loves and values his family. Just another sign of his wisdom because …he gets it…what really matters.)

NPR: How Andrew Carnegie Turned his Fortune Into a Library Legacy (Speaking of men of character…)

“Andrew Carnegie was once the richest man in the world. Coming as a dirt poor kid from Scotland to the U.S., by the 1880s he’d built an empire in steel — and then gave it all away: $60 million to fund a system of 1,689 public libraries across the country.”