The husband took the kids on weekend visit to see his brother in Atlanta. I had a wedding to go to, so I stayed home. That’s right, I was home alone….by myself…in my OWN house….the entire weekend. And, yes, it was as blissful as it sounds.

The first thing I did was spend four hours cleaning my entire house on Friday night because, you guys, I knew it would stay that way and I could enjoy it for FOUR ENTIRE days. I know.

I picked strawberries…I read books…I took naps in the hammock …I took Sam for lots of walks…I kayaked in three different lakes …I biked nearly 40 miles over two days….I never made a meal….

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The only “bad” thing about my singles weekend is that I had to attend a wedding with all my running couple friends alone…


Those two tables behind me were full of my friends. Then, I went to a bathroom….and a slow song came on…and…

Good thing my friend, Rob, was the photographer…he took pity and posed for a selfie with me:


When all the husbands returned to the table…they insisted making me feel loved….and totally texted this photo to Dan:


LOL….I love my running family.