Three things I’m loving this week


That date up there. That’s a cool date—6.16.16. I feel like I should do something monumental so in the future I can say …oh, yeah, that was 6.16.16. But, then…I have to go to work, so…


Bicycling to busy events. Folks, let me tell you the best way to get around events in Erie or at Presque Isle: Park your car in a nearby lot and bike there. We’ve been doing this at Discover Presque Isle for the last few years (since the kids have been old enough to handle 10 miles of biking) and the girls and I did it again this weekend to watch the Powerboat races and JetSki show at Dobbins Landing/Bayfront Sheraton. We biked up and down the bayfront to see the boats at different waterfront points — the South Pier, the Cruise Boat Terminal (are we even calling it that anymore), Dobbin’s Landing, and the Convention Center. There are paved bike trails from Penn State Behrend to Frontier Park (and a bike lane from Frontier to PISP).   I will say that Erie doesn’t offer many bike racks, but there are plenty of trees you can lock your bike to.


The Great American Book Sale. The Friends of the Erie County Library’s annual summer book sale at Villa is a great time to pick up tons and tons of books I will never have time to read. Brought home two bags full of books for me and the girls yesterday for $12. Good news is there’s still time to get there AND it’s cheaper. Today, hardcovers and large paperbacks are just 50 cents, pocket size paperbacks are 25 cents. On Friday, the last day of the sale, you can get in on the $1 a bag/$2 a box deal.  The sale is open both days at 10 a.m. and goes until 8 p.m. on Thursday and 6 p.m. on Friday.

Things I’m hating this week

Gawd…where to do I even start. I don’t have the energy to even elaborate on any of this. (See the internet for all the news and opinion you care to read about any of these things)

The Donald. I just can’t even…

The Orlando massacre. Yet another mass shooting in America…go figure.

HB 1640. (We can pass this, but not a budget…or a ban on assault weapons.. I do not trust that any god can protect me from an AK47.) WTF ever. I give up….