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Quartz: Psychologists recommend children be bored in the summer (Some of the greatest days of my youth were the long summer days when I had “nothing to do” and found something to do.  Also, I have a list like this that I made for the girls last year and tell them to do something on the list if they are bored.)

Salon: What gun control advocates can learn from abolitionists

“After every shooting we have a little cycle where people say, “How can this be happening, we need to figure out a way to stop it,” and then it kind of goes away. I don’t want to say that there is apathy, but there is a sense of resignation, even among people who believe that something should be done. There is a certain parallel with people in the 19th century who were living in the North and had a certain distaste for slavery but would kind of shake their heads and say, “It’s just too big.”

Nautilus: This college student is writing women back into the history of science (You go, girl!)

Huff post: I had no idea what to tell my daughter about body image. And then she wrote this. (Love!)

Scary Mommy: So this is Nine

“Nine will push you to your breaking point. You will have heart-to-heart talks with Nine. You will discipline her, punish her appropriately when need be, and give her more love and support than humanly possible. You will think you are making tremendous headway with Nine, that you are finally getting through to her. You’re not. She’s still Nine.