Three things I’m loving this week

Verizon Wireless customer service. Yeah, you read that right. Typically dealing with a cell phone company — or a cable company — is a nightmare, but, guys, I have to give credit where credit is due and I’ve now had two very positive experiences with Verizon Wireless customer service (once I actually got them on the phone, of course). So, kudos VW…keep up the good work.

A loooong weekend. While week-long vacations are nice (and I’ve got a couple scheduled for this summer), it’s also pretty sweet to just take a few days before or after the weekend. You get time to have fun and relax without the stress and hassle of preparing for an entire week away from the office.

Lee’s Frenchie capris. Ah..the saga of pants shopping as a middle-aged, petite (i.e. short)  woman. It’s hard to find pants (be that capris, shorts, jeans) that aren’t too long, too short, too tight, too baggy in the wrong places, or too rhinestone studded (Note to jean manufacturers: WHAT is the deal with all the bedazzling on the back pockets of women’s jeans today? seriously. stop.) But, this weekend, I found the perfect capris — soft, comfortable, form-fitting (but not too tight), and mercifully free of bling on the butt. Behold Lee’s Frenchie capris, available at JCPenney for less than $30. I bought them in three colors.   (Lee…I know. I’m as surprised as you are.)


Three things I’m not loving this week

Facebook….and brands lurking around it. I had a strange experience this week where I criticized a local convenience store chain for their odd marketing campaigns. “The company” then commented (snottily and completely inappropriately) on my post, inviting me to schedule a meeting at their office to discuss my concerns about their marketing and alluding to the fact that they’d “noticed” I’d criticized their strategies before (and I have..on Facebook, to my marketing FRIENDS).

First…eww…brands commenting is creepy. Second…what are they following me? (creepy, creepy, creepy…and, if they were, they’d know that I’m probably one of their most loyal customers). Third..they just proved my point that they don’t have a clue about marketing by responding immediately (24 hour rule, boys and girls). Fourth…I get PAID for my marketing expertise. Fifth….the correct response to my criticism, if they realllllly felt the need to respond should’ve been: “Thanks, Heather. We value the opinions of our customers and use the feedback to improve.

Unfair sentencing. Six months for this little pig is outrageous. And, you have to ask yourself what his sentence would’ve been if he were poor…or attended community college…or if he were black…or if he wasn’t an athlete. The only consolation here is that in prison he’ll probably learn what it means to be sexually assaulted and victimized and violated.