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Huffington Post Women: If Only You Knew What I’ve Seen as a Paramedic

“If you only knew the weight of a wife as she crumbles to the floor when I pronounce her husband dead. In the very same spot that their young baby took his first steps just hours before. His first birthday cake still on the kitchen table, and I feel my chest caving in. I’ve carried her weight on my shoulders since that day.”

Take Part: See Inside the New Book Teaching Girls They Can Change the World

Competitor.com: Out There: I Can, I Will and Kiss my A#$ (A new mantra! I love it!)

Fatherly: Why Having Alone Time is Key to Keeping Your Family Together (it really is…so banish that bull%^$ guilt that you must attend every sporting event, let your kid dictate your schedule, or apologize for a two-hour long run.)

“Because while you may feel like being a good parent means setting aside your life because the kids need you, the truth is that it’s better for everyone when, occasionally, you do you.”