Things I’m loving this week

Chi-Chi’s ready-to-drink Margaritas. Oh, how I wish I hadn’t picked this up on a whim at the liquor store on Cinco De Mayo. Just add some ice cubes and blend for a tasty frozen margarita. Deeeelish….(Probably because there’s a  pound of sugar in it).

This American Life

This American Life podcast. Yeah, yeah…I know I’m like….a decade behind the game on this, but I just discovered this gem and added it to my podcast library. Most recently, I listened to an episode about Proms and one about Middle School, which actually took me back and reminded me what those years were like. Valuable insight for the mother of a couple of middle-schoolers.

A handy hubby. Our master bath shower surround allowed some kind of leaking that destroyed the bottom of the walls next to it, so this week the husband ripped it out & is tiling the shower. We’ll resuse the shower doors, but not the plastic surround. He’s also replacing and covering up parts the water rotted in the wall.  It’s a $350 project that probably would’ve cost $1,000 if we had to have someone else do it.

Things I’m not loving this week

The City of Erie considering closing it’s high schools. It seems extreme and I can’t imagine how the county schools could handle the influx of students. Nor can I wrap my head around the myriad of repercussions from a city with no school district, but I don’t think it’s mismanagement (though Barker sure did his best), but that, ultimately, that this is the result of electing candidates who pass budgets and policies that benefit corporations instead of kids.

G.U.M. flossers. Crappiest, weakest flossers ever. The dollar store brand Plackers brand is much better. Trust me: I’m obsessed with flossing and I would know.