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Finding joy: 20 Mom Things I Wish I Had Done More Of

“Had much less stuff. Probably don’t even need to go into why on this one. Just remember more stuff equals more to manage equals more to clean equals more time spent on things and not time.”

New York Times: When Do You Give Up On Treating a Child with Cancer? (Heartbreaking…and inspiring, too.)

Erie Times-News: After Heroin: Erie-area Family Shares Battle With Addiction (Addiction can happen to any family — yes, even white middle-class kids raised in good and loving homes. Kudos to this family for shedding light on addiction and refusing to wear the badge of shame.)

Erie Reader: Caring for the Community, One Bird at a Time (Nicely written profile about one of Erie’s humble heroes.)

“Too often we put all of our focus on people who run businesses, wear suits, own big houses. We point and say, “See, this is success.” I’m here to broaden the definition to include someone like McWilliams who has dedicated his life to wildlife conservation. His gifts to our community are priceless and will last long into the future.”