Things I’m loving this week


All the cool musical moms wear biiiig buttons (and black shades)

Rapunzel! As I told you yesterday….there’s still time to see this awesome brand-new musical presented by the Erie Playhouse Youtheatre! What? Am I pushy? Well…yeah, but am I trying to sell you Stromboli, candy bars, wrapping paper, and Save Around Erie books like all the sports moms?

The return of the nectar lovers. The orioles, catbirds, grosbeaks, and hummingbirds have returned to Erie. I especially love the Baltimore orioles and the hummers who bring fast-moving life, color, and action to the backyard again.

Quiet campus. Our students graduated/left last week, most of the faculty members are gone, and the younger set that participate in outreach programs and college for kids this summer are still in school, which means our campus is realllllly quiet right now. Also, everyone gets great parking every day and there are no long lines of traffic at class change times. Come August, we all grow weary of the quiet and get anxious for students to return, but right now…it’s a nice reprieve.

Things I’m not loving this week

Statement necklaces and the headaches they induce. I must have a weak neck because even slightly heavy necklaces give me a headache. I also cannot hold my head up during the entire 100 in Pilates or wear anything with a halter top because of the strain on my (apparently) weak little chicken neck.


Bella, always with an eye open for Blue.

4 a.m. cat fights on, or under, my bed. It’s like a soap opera in my house with these animals. Oliver thinks he’s a dog so he likes Sam, he is also OK with Bella, but he is barely tolerant of bratty little bro, Blue. Bella is OK with Oliver, but not Sam or Blue.  Blue likes Oliver, but not Sam or Bella, who he routinely torments. Sam…well, Sam likes everyone even if they don’t like him. What does all this mean? If we don’t catch & toss Blue out of our bedroom at night, there are frequent cat fights (not real biting and scratching, but a lot of whining and hissing) with poor old Bella at 4 a.m. on or under my bed. There’s no end to the noise until I toss the brat out and he’s a lot more awake then me at 4 a.m….so it results in a fair amount of scrabbling and swearing from me.

No CD drive on my laptop. I got a great price on a well-reviewed low-end laptop. I use it primarily for blogging and/or writing, so I wasn’t all that concerned about going top-of-the-line. I was mighty happy with my purchase until I tried to install some programs I had on CD and realized it doesn’t have a CD drive. I know that I can buy an external one and plug it in via USB, but…you know I like things all neat and orderly and now I’m annoyed.