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Scary Mommy: 10 Things My Mom Did That Made Me Cringe (And I Do them Now)  (Yes…especially 1, 7 and 9!)

Quartz: The World Has Teenage Girls Totally Wrong

“Parents of teen girls don’t always feel so starry-eyed. Daughters who not-so-long-ago hugged you suddenly seem to hate you. They confide in you, and then turn on you. They call out your weaknesses, roll their eyes, and whipsaw between four moods before breakfast….”

BBN: 15 Things You Don’t Owe Anyone At All (Though You Think You Do)

“Just because someone shares their personal beliefs passionately doesn’t mean you have to sit there and nod in approval to everything they say. If you don’t share in their beliefs, it is unfair to yourself and to the other person to suppress your own thoughts and feelings and pretend you agree with them. It’s okay and better to disagree with them gracefully instead of bottling up your disapproval and frustrations.”