Three things I’m loving this week


Natural Impressions art show. Each year, the Presque Isle crew (Friends of TREC, TREC, DCNR, PISP Advisory Committee) puts on an art contest for students (from preschool to undergraduate). This was the 5th year and the theme was “All things winter.” So…we froze our butts off wandering around the park on two separate occasions so she could take photos, but it was worth it.  Kelly took 2nd place in her age group in photography for a photo of me sitting on a bench and looking out across a frozen bay. The art submitted in the show is pretty impressive — see it for yourself: The art exhibit is on the 2nd floor of TREC through May.


We’re missing a member here, but…we had two teams so everyone could run/wait with a friend.

Pittsburgh marathon relay. Marathons are much better with friends, even more so when you can divvy up the mileage. The Pittsburgh Marathon Relay is a blast. If you’re a runner who’d like the marathon experience with out the months of training and miles of misery, recruit 4 friends and put together a team. Legs range from 4.2 to 6.7 miles. Though, it goes without saying…you should be warned that Pittsburgh is hilly!

How-to videos on You Tube. I continually forget that you can learn to do nearly anything on YouTube – like how to put thick layered hair (Kelly’s, obviously not mine) into a bun — traditional or a messy topknot.

Three things I’m not loving this week

No shirts left at the expo. We got to the Pittsburgh marathon expo at 3:30 on Saturday (they were open until 6) and they were all out of marathon relay shirts, except for 2X and L. So, if we ordered anything else, they’d have to mail them to us. I don’t understand how this happens when we all register and order shirts at that time. I mean…c’mon, folks…this is race directing 101 — have enough shirts to cover the pre-registered participants.

FB live. Seems the only people actually using this are news outlets and companies marketing their products. Annoying as shit. I scroll right on by and wonder if this new feature is slowing down my feed. Wonder if I can shut it off altogether?

A broken phone. I dropped my phone on our walk this morning and thought nothing of it. I’ve dropped it a lot…and harder than today…and I have an Otter Box, you know. But, when I tried to check our mileage, I realized that something had broken inside…and slowly…hour by hour, my screen darkened and now it’s completely unusable. It’s tragic. It’s expensive. It’s terrifying to think of losing all the “stuff” I have on there. It’s discombobulating to be without it (it’s my calendar, my checkbook, my phone, etc.). I ordered a new overpriced phone that I am desperately hoping arrives tomorrow. If not, well…looks like I’m going off the grid for the weekend.  Might be refreshing, right?  S#$@.