Things I’m loving this week


Elle King. I’m obsessed with Elle King right now, but especially the song above. I love the lyrics, the message, the tune, and her raspy bad@#$, no-apologies voice. I just ordered her CD. Yep, that’s right kids…an actual compact disc…because I’ve been around long enough to know that sometimes the best songs never make it onto the radio.

Weed bouquets. This I will miss some day. I’m grateful to still find vases full of dandelions and pilfered flowers on my counters from time to time.

Rainbow sunrises. A bonus reward for getting up at the ass-crack of dawn to run. I see, enjoy, and appreciate what many miss. (That said, I’m usually dead to the world by 9 p.m., so….)


The “woman card” backlash. Take this Donald...and this….and this….and this. Also, Donny, trust me when I tell you that you couldn’t handle being a woman for a week.

Things I’m not loving this week

App killers/battery savers. I recently removed the battery saver application from my Smartphone and actually noticed improved battery life. From what I’ve read, it’s likely because these “battery saver” apps routinely kill (shut down) apps that just continually restart, thereby actually reducing your battery life.

Saddle sore(ness). OH. MY. ACHING. LADY. PARTS. That first ride or two of the season is just painful. Even more so if you forget to wear your padded bike shorts.

Donald Trump. I don’t know what’s more irritating to me this week: His offensive statement that a woman who has, literally, spent her entire life serving this country has to rely on her gender to win votes or his absurdly contradictory (and therefore terrifying) foreign policy address. There are not words for the depth of contempt I have for this man.