Higher Perspective: THIS is Why Empaths Freeze Around Fake People (Take it from a total empath, this is dead on.)

“The feelings of confusion and discomfort that occur around and from this person are felt on a near physical level for any empath. This method of aversion gets tricky when you actually like the person and want to help. When you aren’t up to helping that person, it can be hard to deal with the guilt of avoiding them.”

The Washington Post: 10 Ways to Help Kids Fall in Love with Being Outside

The Spirit Science: 9 Pieces of Timeless Spiritual Wisdom Every Parent Should Teach Their Child

“Teach your children to understand that the only limit that exists is the one they impose upon themselves. People will always say it can’t be done, until it is.”

Erie Times-News: Newts, Salamanders, and Sirens (oh my!) This is a freelance story I wrote for the newspaper about salamanders. I find them (and all creepy-crawlies and nature topics) fascinating. Enjoy!