A random collections of blog posts, articles and other things I think are worth sharing.

New York Times: Teaching Men to Be Emotionally Honest (I don’t have boys, but….maybe you do. This is thought-provoking)

Washington Post: Beverly Cleary on Turning 100: Kids Today Don’t Have the Freedom I Did

“Cleary is as feisty and direct as her famously spirited character Ramona Quimby — an observation that she hears often and doesn’t care for. “I thought like Ramona,” she says in a phone interview, “but I was a very well-behaved little girl.”

NPR: Does Carrying a Pistol Make You Safer?

Rolling Stone: The War on Planned Parenthood

“It needs to be legal and accessible. If it’s legal, but you can’t do it, then it’s really not legal.” After all that’s happened, she can’t help but feel disenfranchised, angry that majority opinion does not rule. “What kind of democracy is this that we don’t get to make our own reproductive decisions?”

Scary Mommy: A Thank-You Letter to President and Mrs. Obama (This actually made me cry. Say what you want about Obama’s presidency, but you cannot deny that he & Michelle are down-to-earth, downright good, compassionate, caring people. You can’t say that about anyone running for that office today.)

“President and Mrs. Obama, our world may not fully recognize it yet, but we have much to thank the two of you for. I think in the years to come it will be more and more obvious. I, for one, am most grateful to the two of you for putting a face on what it means to be compassionate and human, and for never making yourselves seem “above” the people you have served and represented during your time in office. I believe you think of yourselves just like the rest of us do: People doing the best we can to do the best we can in all we do.”