Three things I’m loving this week:


Getting caught in the rain (while running). I have a hard time motivating myself to go out and run in the rain, but if it starts when I’m out there, I always find myself smiling, laughing, and splashing through puddles (because I’m already soaked, so what does it matter). It also makes me feel like a bad#$%. Thunder/lightening makes it a speed workout.

Spring peepers. I’m a lover of all of nature’s critters, but peepers, those tiny big-voiced frogs, make me especially happy because…spring.

Tacos.  Most of my life  hated tacos….and chili…and goulash (though I still kinda think that’s gross) and anything that contained a lot of ground meat. This was mostly because I couldn’t stand the smell of browning beef. Also, I thought it looked like vomit. About a year or two ago, I got over it and have learned to love ground-beef laden meals now.  By the way,  I have never once set foot in a Taco Bell or Chipolte (don’t really intend to, either…not big on any sort of fast “food”).

Things I’m not loving

Snow. We’re over it. Move on, Jack Frost, you jack#$%.

Dental work. Born in that terrible decade before flouridated water and sealants when Pop Rocks, Kool-Aid and Fruit Roll-ups  were a staple in every kids daily diet, I have more cavities and crowns than people twice my age. Also cursed with teeth that won’t stop twisting and turning, I’ve had braces three times. Yes, three times.

Politics. Literally and otherwise. I hate game playing, pandering, and acquiescing.