Photos blatantly stolen from my friend, Eloise.

You’ve heard me talk about my workout group — Team Adrenaline — and you’ve seen the photos of some of the crazy stuff we do. If you’ve ever THOUGHT of joining us…or you need some motivation and accountability to continue working out — I’ve got good news for you.

You can join us for the entire month of April for FREE.


What is Team Adrenaline?

Led by Erie chiropractor Steve Krauza (that’s him in the blue shirt above), Team Adrenaline is best described as an “organic” or “urban” workout. All the workouts are done outside year-round using minimal “equipment” beyond what nature or the venue provides (curbs for box jumps, bleachers for running, etc.). See video below.

Workouts are offered in east county at various locations on Monday morning, Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning, Thursday evening, and most Saturdays. The latest schedule & locations can be found here.

Workouts typically last an hour and they are never the same (though you will see the same elements — planks, sprints, pushups, etc.).

And…believe it or not…they are fun! (I’m not kidding!)


How you can join — TRY IT FOR FREE in APRIL!

Friend and fellow T.A. teammate & blogger, Eloise, recently wrote a concise blog post telling you how you can join the team (all fitness levels and ages are welcome!).

BUT…..starting April 4….all the April workouts are FREE, FREE, FREE!

From Steve:

It’s that time of year again! Free Team Adrenaline for all!! Starting Monday, April 4th, all Team Adrenaline workouts will be free for THREE weeks!! The free workouts are 1) a thank you to those who toughed it out with me during the winter months. 2) an invite to those who worked out indoors during the winter to rejoin us as the weather warms up. 3) Encourage new participants to give Team Adrenaline a try without any financial risks or long term commitments.

Workouts are offered Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. This means there will be 15 opportunities to try Team Adrenaline for free! Spread the word!


Questions? Email me (zipdang22 at or post a question below.

JOIN US….I promise that it will change your life…if you let it.