Things I’m loving this week

stab rabbit

The Internet Names Animals. It was a long week at work last week and when I saw this piece about Boaty McBoatface and #TheInternetNamesAnimals late Friday afternoon, I giggled uncontrollably for at least a half hour. I mean…come, on….Danger Noodle, Pantsless Thunder Goose? That’s freaking funny.  When I sent it a coworker who I figured could use a laugh, he responded: “Thanks for the share, Cussy McEyeRoll,” which made me LOL even harder. Touché, man.

The Tap House. It was our wedding anniversary Saturday, so Dan and I went out to eat sans kids. We don’t do chain restaurants, so we headed downtown and drove around  Erie for a while contemplating Cloud 9, Erie Ale House, the Bourbon Barrel (they have a surprisingly excellent menu), and Smuggler’s Wharf, but we ended up The Tap House because we are creatures of habit and we just like it there. The food (and beer) is always good, the lighting is dim, and it’s always warm (seriously, this is a thing for me…I will not go to cold restaurants).  I know that The Tap House’s twin, The Harbor House, is just a few miles from our house, but I like the atmosphere downtown better and it’s not full of people I went to grade school with, so that’s a bonus.


Lauren with her weekend reading. I’m not even kidding. Ironic that she has a D in reading at school, eh? Funny how schools can actually make kids hate reading (ut that’s a topic for another rant-y blog post, dear readers).

Bookworm daughters. I started reading to my kids in the womb and did everything I could think of to turn them into little book lovers (like me), and apparently, it worked (one mark in the “mom” column). They are both big readers. One of the most treasured items in their Easter basket on Sunday (and the only thing likely to outlast the chocolate and trinkets) were books — Eleanor and Park for Kelly and the Wrinkle in Time quintet for Lauren.


My rain boots. Have I told you lately how much I love my rain boots…and Fourmile Creek…and the woods…and warm, sunny weekends?


My fun-loving in-laws. It’s a long story, but Dan got a little confident after trying the girls’ Ripsticks (a two-wheeled skateboard) and decided to set up an obstacle course and challenge his family to a Ripstick competition on Easter Sunday. (Fortunately, the weather cooperated.) I was like, you’re doing what? OK…whatever. But as soon as he set it up, several members of his family decided to try the stick and joined in the competition. His sister grabbed a notepad and pen to keep score.  The rest of the family poured another drink and hauled their chairs out front to watch, cheer, and dial (or text!) 911 if needed. I know these are the things my kids will remember most.

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Things I’m not loving

Cold, windy rain. If there is a Hell, it’s not toasty hot. It’s cold and windy and raining sideways.

Misogynistic candidates running for the highest political office in our country. He has a history of misogynistic behavior and any woman who actually supports this jackass is a fool. He does not respect you…in any way, shape or form (OH…wait…maybe if you are supermodel gorgeous and young and nubile…). F#$% you, man.

Online registration fees. I know that someone needs to pay for it, but race directors…you need to bury this cost in the race registration fee because if I see it as an “additional cost” when I register online (which is easier and way more convenient for you…I know because I’m a race director), I’m Xing out and sending in a paper application. $2 to $4  (or more) per person adds up when you’ve got a few runners in the house.