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Washington Post: I Told the Truth In My Sister’s Obituary So Others Might Choose to Life

“Depression lied to my sister, told her that she was worthless. A burden. Unlovable. Undeserving of life. I imagine these lies were like a kind of permanent white noise in her life — a running narration of how unworthy she was. After years of the lies and the torment, my sister believed that depression told her the truth. In the notes she left for my parents and me, Aletha wrote, “don’t feel sad, I’m not worth it.”

She was so wrong. Depression lies. I have to tell the truth.”

ADDitude: ADHD in Women & Girls: The Importance of Early ADHD Diagnosis (There’s irony in an ADHD site that routinely tells stories in this annoying “slideshow” format that requires one to continue clicking through to read, but…maybe not…maybe they figure their readers would be more quickly lost in a long narrative. In any event….you may recognize yourself or a girl you love here.)

Scary Mommy: An Open Letter To Theme Days At My Child’s School (These irritating days are mostly behind us, but…they are fresh in my memory and this open letter is spot-on, and funny.)

The Atlantic: How Cities Can Use Local Colleges to Revive Themselves (Agreed…we’re doing this at Behrend in Knowledge Park and through the Open Labs initiative and I love being a part of an organization that inspires innovation …and that i live in a community that can benefit from it).

New York Times: Fight (wow…just wow).

“Ali Aljahmi, a first cousin, was moved, even impressed, by the sight of this distraught stranger paying his respects. For you to step into this room of anger and grief, Aljahmi thought to himself. For you to come to be with us. Takes a lot of strength.