Things I’m loving this week


Kids old enough to labor for Grandma. My mom gave up three days of her life for several years to help take care of the girls while I worked and her investment is finally paying off as the girls are old enough—and eager—to help her with her house and yard work. Well…one girl more so than the other, but… 🙂

Life in Pieces. This CBS comedy rivals Modern Family with a hilarious ensemble cast of family characters that are laugh out loud funny.


Guacamole. Aldi’s had avocados for 50 cents last week, so I decided to try making guacamole. I used this recipe and it turned out awesome. After making it I learned that Dan doesn’t like guac. Woot! More for me.  Also…I’ve come to love Cilantro, which is odd because I used to despise it.

Things I’m not loving this week

St. Patrick’s Day. I’m all for having a good time , but let’s just call this what it is: Sloppy Drunk Day.

Slideshow stories. Forbes, I was truly interested in this story…until I saw it required me to click TWENTY-TWO times to read it in its entirety. No f$%^#ing way, Forbes. I’m out. See how quickly I ended our “conversation?” (Do you see the irony here?)

Tartar. Not the stuff you put on fish, but the stuff hardens on your teeth and results in a half hour of hard labor for your dental hygienist. I brush and floss religiously (almost obsessively), but I always bought the cheapest toothpaste on the shelf. No more. Only Crest with tartar control for me from now on (FYI…the hygienist told me that any Crest “Total” has tartar protection, too).