I’m reaching back and adding some photos from the week because I spent most of my weekend doing really unglamorous things that you just don’t photograph.

Though I totally did.

Behold my laundry area where you will not find one STITCH of clothing to be washed or put away. I spent most of Sunday doing this. (I know…I know…I should make the girls do it & sometimes I do and that’s why I find four baskets of semi-clean laundry in their room and, for the love of God, for once it was worth the time for me to just put all away MYSELF….)

It was such a thing of beauty, that I took a photo…and then I took time to crudely illustrate it for you, too (don’t say I don’t love you):

laundry done!

Ten minutes later the kids came home and threw their dirty clothes downstairs.


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