Three things I’m loving this week:

The weather. The weather. The weather. I wore sandals and ran in capris and a tank top this week. In March. In Erie. What’s not to love about that? An early spring? Bring it, Mother Nature, we’re ready! Maybe that prognosticating pig was right.


Science Olympiad. Lauren participated on her middle school’s 15-member Science Olympiad team at Behrend on Tuesday. Students, in teams of two, competed in various (mostly hands-on) science-related events against other schools. Lauren did three events (Scrambler, Reach for the Stars, and Dynamic Planet) and won medals in two. Her team did very well and ended up winning the entire competition (400 kids from 23 schools) and so did the high school team and now they all go on to State Competition in April! It was pretty awesome to watch the awards ceremony and see how far we’ve come in not only embracing “nerds” but encouraging girls to participate in STEM activities (probably half the of kids participating were girls).


Bella. My sweet old long-haired calico doesn’t get nearly the attention she deserves because she lives in the shadow of her boisterous, bossy, and pushy younger “brothers,” but she’s definitely my baby girl and prefers me over anyone else. Mothers aren’t supposed to play favorites, but among the furkids in my house, she sits on top in my heart.

Things I’m not loving this week:

This never-ending state-by-state fight about women’s reproductive rights. OMG… For the love of Pete, I am sick and tired of women continually having to fight this same fight. This has been decided You upstanding, moral, god-fearing white men do not get to change it. I just can’t even. This is just exhausting.  At least we’ve got three women on the Supreme Court fighting Texas like hell for our rights.

Trump anything. Someone please just make him go away…I don’t care how…and I won’t ask any questions. Just make him disappear, capish?  I’m not even linking to anything because I can’t stand to see his face again.