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PRI: Your Paper Brain and Your Kindle Brain Aren’t the Same (Interesting)

Nautilus: What Pigeons Teach Us About Love

Barefoot Barn: Raising Girls who are “Includers” (If I teach my daughters nothing else, I hope I teach them to be kind and compassionate women who realize that happiness and strength lies in lifting others up, not tearing them down. And that people who hurt you are hurting inside.)

Elite Daily: Drunk Talk is Real Talk

“Alcohol isn’t about your inability to control your actions, but your general disinterest in what they mean.”

Pictorial: The Mystery of the Ghostly Stain in the Attic of Athens Lunatic Asylum

 “Here’s what I know, what I know for sure: You don’t need to see the stain in the attic ward. You don’t need to touch it. If you want to feel something, don’t even bother going up the old hospital steps.

Turn to the back of the campus. Stay on the grounds. Go to the graveyards. There are five cemeteries holding the graves of hundreds of people who died in the asylum, most identified only by numbers.”