Three things I’m loving this week:

Kickin’ Chicken. Easy and so spicy that the kids don’t like it, which means more for Dan and me.

That 70s Show. Not sure how I missed this the first time (er, 8 seasons) around, but I’m binge watching it on Netflix now and it’s freaking hilarious. And, God knows, we can all use a laugh these days.


The first signs of spring. Spotted these little beauties blooming in my yard and garden this weekend….you know, right before it snowed again.

Things I’m not loving this week:

Overpriced car parts. Kelly rolled down the window in my car on Sunday and it wouldn’t roll back up. Apparently, the motor went bad. It’s an easy fix for the mechanic, but a $265 part.

Drumpf. I don’t even have the energy. That said, this John Oliver bit did put a little more fight in me: