A random collections of blog posts, articles and other things I think are worth sharing.

Atlantic: Being an ‘Elephant Mom’ in a ‘Tiger Mom’ World (Really…you have to wonder, why are we pushing them so darn hard. To be successful? Define success. I wouldn’t call a six-figure job success. It is wealth, but that does not equal success…in my mind, anyway).

Max Lucado: Decency for President (Well said.)

Erie Times-News: Mentor Shares Best Job Advice (Love this! And…it’s true.)

Time: Why I Created #Obamaandkids (I love everything about this…but mostly I love that we have a powerful man in the White House who is not afraid to love, enjoy, and cherish children. God, I’m going to miss them.)

The Atlantic: The Scourage of the Female Chore Burden (Read to the end where Melinda gives all of us a fabulous idea. Right on, sister.)

Innovation Hub: Why You Can’t Fix Your iPhone (Short answer: Because Apple sucks and we live in a materialistic, throw-away society now).