Three things I’m loving this week

Kesha Posts New Statement: Dr. Luke Lawsuit 'Is About Being Free From My Abuser'

Keesha. Mad props to this woman for her brave fight against Dr. Ass&*^ (or whatever his name is). I’m shocked and appalled that the judge ruled that she has to continue being tethered to her ABUSER — a man who drugged and RAPED her, but sadly, I’m not all that surprised. Women have been treated like property since the dawn of time. F&%@ Dr. Pig. F#$@ Sony.


White Chicken Chili. McCormick has a seasoning packet for white chicken chili that I just love.  I add to the recipe on the back of the packet, tossing in some spinach, white beans, peppers, and onions. I also stir in just a bit of sour cream before serving. Warning: It does have a little kick to it.

Scentsy Washer Whiffs. I love that fresh laundry smell, but despite shelling out big bucks for Tide and Bounce, my clothes never seem to have “that” smell. Then, a friend told me about Washer-Whiffs from Scentsy (the home-party company that sells warmers and wax scents). You just add a scoop (or because I’m cheap I use a 1/2 scoop) to each load in your washer and it comes out of the dryer smelling fabulous. No…I don’t sell Scentsy.

Things I’m not loving this week

Cleaning the “finished” part of the basement. The first project we tackled when we bought our house was to finish the basement (with a full bath, no less). It was a strategic move that served us well as we did future renovations on the upper floors and used the space as a living room, a master bedroom, and even a quasi kitchen/pantry. At some point, I had the idea to make it into a scrapbooking space and set up all my stuff and a few folding tables. I think I actually scrapbooked down there twice before realize it was impossible with the lighting down there. In the last couple years, it’s become a flat-out dumping ground for furniture and other “stuff” we’re not sure what to do with.

I mentioned to Kelly that maybe I should turn it into a teen hangout space — where they can go when they have sleepovers instead of camping out in the living room. So, she’s been on me to get the job done. *sigh*

Salt-stained boots. On the bright side, though, it does totally give me an excuse to buy more cute boots next year.

Nevada. What the hell is going on, America?  I just cannot figure this out. This is just embarrassing.