Three things I’m loving this week

This is not me, obviously. I mean …look at that thigh gap. Plus, I have children and pets and so, would never buy anything white or cream colored.

My Nanook-of-the-North winter coat. I gave up on wearing my fashionable, professional-looking wool swing coat to work because I’m just too old to suffer for fashion anymore. This year, I did what every other smart woman working on this campus has done and got myself a big ol’ sleeping-bag-size coat with a hood. And thick mittens. Yes, mittens…not sleek leather gloves, but real, honest-to-God snowman building mittens. And I tell you that I do not care anymore. Because warmth.

IMG_3520 IMG_3586

Hardy winter birds and ducks. I can’t even tell you how much I appreciate winter birds and ducks adding some life and sound to an otherwise bleak winter landscape. They have wings and could go anywhere, but they choose to stay here and suffer with all of us. Props to you, my feathered friends. I’m happy you’re here.

What She Left Behind. This was our book club selection for February and I ripped through it pretty quickly. It’s a page-turner that bounces between two decades at an asylum (1930s and the 1990s) with parallel story lines that eventually intersect. I will say the ending is a little too “wrapped up” because we all know that life just doesn’t work out that perfectly. But, that said, happy endings are satisfying.

Things I’m not loving this week


End of swim season. Sunday is Lauren’s last meet — the YMCA swim team championships. It will be nice to not have to run her around and spend weekends sitting on a hot pool deck, but I am going to miss it.

The reemergence of G.W. *shudder* Though, it does provide Jezebel with fodder for a seriously hilarious blog post. (Stress diarrhea….LOL)  OK, now somebody stick him back in the hole in Gobbler’s Knob.

Kanye West. He’s so fake…and shallow…and crass…and stupid. He deserved a smack-down from Taylor, who is probably the realest, most authentic rock star ever. (Realest? Yeah, I’m making up words now. Hey, if G.W can do it…)