Report cards were sent home a couple weeks ago and, depending on how you look at it, with 4 Ds and 4 As on her report card Lauren’s “glass” was either half full or half empty.

Such is ADHD — it’s a life of extremes. If she’s interested and engaged — As. If she’s bored, disinterested, or suspects “busy work,” she checks out and her grades reflect that.

I praised her for the As. But, then…you know, I’m a mom and she needs to do what needs to be done in life whether it bores her or not, so I also admonish her for the Ds and tell her she needs to bring those grades up. They are, unfortunately, in some of her core classes, including writing (*sigh*).

The primary reason for the D in writing is not actually writing, but vocabulary. They have to do these elaborate vocab study cards, which she — you guessed it — finds trite and silly and so she rarely does them (or does them half-a@#ed) and gets knocked on them week after week.  I can’t even argue that the cards are silly because she doesn’t do all that well on the vocab quizzes (despite the fact that she’s possessed a college-level vocab since elementary school).

Later that evening, I overhear her talking to Dan:

“Yeah, I made up my own language and I’m teaching it to all my friends. They think it’s really cool and …”

Me (interrupting): “OMG, seriously! You’re making up languages? Is this what you’re doing when you’re supposed to be studying the ENGLISH language?  How about you master that one first.”

Lauren: “Boooring!”

Me: *beats head on wall*