A random collections of blog posts, articles and other things I think are worth sharing.

Huffington Post: 3 Things That Happen When You Stop Taking Things Personally ( I’ve gotten pretty good at this—with the exception of my kids…still working on that one. It’s fairly hard to offend me these days because I don’t take anything personally. Call it enlightenment or…too many years in a newsroom, but…I learned a long time ago that anger and insults directed at me are not about me.)

The Mighty: When I Realized What I Say Isn’t Always What My Son With ADHD Hears (I think this might be true for all kids, actually….ADHD or not).

Factrider: Signs You’re Arguing with a Psychopath (It’s election season…you may want to bookmark this.)

 Hands-Free Mamma: The Single Most Important Parenting Action We Can Take Today (Oh…how I wish I could be more like Rachel).