Things I’m loving this week


Snowshoeing. If you’re going to live in this snowy city, you may as well learn to love the winter. Skiing is fine, but I hate driving to the lodge and paying for a trail pass. But for a $100-$120 investment in snowshoes, there’s no end to the dozens of free public trails you can tromp around in Erie County. I always work up a sweat (though good boots & good gloves are key). I also really enjoy the silence to be found in the stillness of winter woods. It’s often ridiculously beautiful, too (particularly after a fresh snowfall).

Veggie-lasagna-stuffed portobellos. I’m currently obsessed with these, and that means a lot coming from me because this recipe requires me to dirty a baking pan, a bowl, AND a frying pan! Look for portobellos at Aldis. They cost a fortune at Giant Eagle (I just paid $6 for two small caps).


Swim Meets. Aside from the screaming parents and that one coach with the ear-splitting whistle, I’m really enjoying swim meets. I don’t love sitting for hours on end, but…at least I’m warm. I could be one of those poor soccer moms in the pouring rain or cheerleader moms sitting in the snow at football games.

Things I’m not loving this week

“Under the Banner of Heaven” by John Krakauer. I loved John’s book “Into the Wild,” so I thought this book — about Fundamentalist Mormons (read: plural wives) — would be fascinating. At first, it was (in a revolting-fascinating way), but then it just got boring and so convoluted and sad…. I just decided to stop. I rarely do that, but…meh…my reading time is too precious to spend it reading something I don’t enjoy.

Vacation prep. Every time, I plan a big family vacation I think…I’m never doing this again because it’s just not worth the hassle and hours and hours of planning/preparation. I’m sure I’ll change my tune once I get back, but…