Three things I’m loving this week

1. Synchronized swimming to Led Zeppelin. I guess this old, but I’ve never seen it before this week and….well…wow…no more words are needed, man:


2.  Disney on Ice. Can one ever really outgrow Disney on Ice? I think not.

3. A Man Called Ove. My book club’s selection for last month — A Man Called Ove — is my favorite of the books we’ve read so far. It’s FUNNY, but sweet and sad, at times, too. Admittedly, it’s predictable and a little too orchestrated, but the end still had me laughing through tears. Interestingly, it’s a translation (Fredrik Backman is Swedish) which is something I’d never have known had a book club member not pointed it out (the translation is that good).

Things I’m not loving this week


Saying goodbye to a lot of friends. While I loved seeing so many former colleagues and friends on Sunday for the ETN newsroom retirement party (getting out while the getting is good). This whole things sucks on about five levels I’m not going to go into here.

A pissy cat. I’ve owned cats all of my life and I’ve never once had a problem with them going outside the litter box…until now. I have busted Oliver (my indoor/outdoor cat) squatting in several places in the house this week.We have a vet appointment tomorrow to have him checked for what I’m hoping is a UTI because that is something that can be easily fixed!

Whistling faucets. Just when the leafblowers have been rendered useless by eight inches of snow, the office bathroom faucet has begun emitting a high-pitched squealing. All. Day. Fabulous.