Things I’m loving this week

Meet Bert & Ernie…or Lenny & Squiggy…I can’t decide.

My new desk pets. I bought Lauren an aquatic frog ecosystem from Teaching Touches for Christmas and because I couldn’t hide them at home, they sat on my desk for a week or so. When I came back to work after the holidays, I missed my active little friends. So I went and bought my own. They won’t get much bigger, eat only twice a week, and only need a water change a couple times a year.


$20 toboggan. Valu Home Center is clearancing their sleds. I got this sturdy, plastic “toboggan” for $20. It’s pretty awesome. It fits two to three adults comfortably…or 8 or 9 adventurously:


Hardy workout friends. I complain that I need wimpier friends who won’t make me go workout in the freezing cold and snow, but…I live in Erie and I hate treadmills and working out in front of all the look-loos at the gym, in which case, it’s good to have lots of insane friends (exhibit A above).


IKEA armoire. So after months of trying to find the time to go to the ‘burgh to visit IKEA, Dan & I finally made the trip on New Year’s Eve. We got a kitchen table & chairs and about 15 other smaller things we didn’t know we needed or wanted because…IKEA. And…AND….I sucked it up and shelled out $200 for the armoire I’ve been eyeing up for a few years. It allows me to store what little jewelry I have (you know I’m not a bling-y kind of girl) and fill the rest of the drawers with the crapton of Under Armour and long-sleeve tech shirts and running tights that I do have.  It’s my running gear armoire now.

Things I’m not loving this week


Killer cats. There’s a killer among us. One of my cats…probably Blue….fished our beloved 5-year-old goldfish (from Kelly’s 4th grade science project) out of his bowl on the kitchen counter and…well…I don’t know what happened after that, but I’m pretty sure all the cats and probably the dog know. Suffice to say the fish is dead and nobody is talking. Jerks.

Happy Hour squatters. It would be nice to go to the Harbor House for Happy Hour, but we can never seem to beat all the old and unemployed people. They start arriving at 3:45 and squat until 6 p.m. meaning anyone with a 9-5 job is just S.O.L.  That said…the retired and unemployed probably need the 1/2 price pizzas and beer more than we do, so…whateves, right?