A random collections of blog posts, articles and other things I think are worth sharing.

Scary Mommy: Teen Mental Illness: It Could Happen to You (Frightening…and raw…and honest)

Penn State Research Magazine: The Sepia Rainbow: The Fascinating Story of Human Skin (A long, but interesting & thought provoking read about the fallacy of race.)

“Jablonski traces the class meaning of skin color in traditional agrarian societies, where light skin was the privilege of those not forced to work in the sun. She recounts the first meetings between European explorers and the native people they encountered—the astonishment of seeing human beings who looked so different, which soon gave way to disapproval and condemnation of the Other. ‘The negativity of the explorers’ written accounts had a disproportionate effect on how Europeans framed their ideas of dark-pigmented people,’ she says.”

Atlantic: Sea Story (This is NOT the story to read a month before setting sail on a cruise, but…I did find it fascinating, if terrifying)

Harper’s Magazine: In Praise of Idleness

Reader’s Digest: Fascinating Origins of Six Sodas You Love to Drink