Three things I’m loving this week

“Freaks and Geeks.” I just finished binge watching this series on Netflix. It was like a trip down memory lane for me — a late 1980s era “freak” (though we were called “heads”).  Seth Rogan is hysterical in this series, by the way.

The Girl on the Train. A mystery along the lines of Gone Girl, this is one of those rare books that make me wish I’d get the flu so I could stay home and read all day.

Plan-It Calendar. The best calendar I’ve found to keep track of all our comings and goings. It’s magnetic and has a pocket in the back where I can stash tickets and event info.

Things I’m not loving this week

Christmas shopping. Whenever I go Christmas shopping, Dan tells me to “have fun,” and I literally sneer at him. I hate Christmas shopping and the pressure to find just the right gift at just the right price. Also, I hate that we spend all this money to show our loved ones that we love them….and then toil away at our jobs to pay for it all…when what really would be a gift is spending time with our loved ones….which we cannot do because we’re toiling away to buy stuff. It’s dumb.

Parties. I’m an introvert at heart (try and find a writer who isn’t) and I hate parties. And, unfortunately, this time of year is just rife with them.

Elf on a Shelf. Creepy…creepy….creepy…and possibly preparing children to live in a future police state.