Three things I’m loving this week


1. Swimming…as a sport. Despite having gobs of energy, Lauren has resisted participating in any kind of sport, particularly team sports (likely because she has observed that if you’re not good, your teammates don’t like you), but I have had her in swim lessons from the age of 6 months.

This year, I (and a few swim team mom friends) talked her into trying the Eastside YMCA’s competitive Swim Team.  Saturday was the first meet we were able to attend and it was pretty awesome. It seems to be a more gentle sport — like cross country — where everyone cheers for the underdog and individual swimmers. On the deck, the other mother and I who were volunteering as timers, cheered every kid in our lane…whether they were on our team or not.

In most team sports — there’s a real “us versus them” mentality that I bristle at. It could be lacking here because it’s an independent team and the kids are from several school districts, but I think it’s probably also the nature of the sport and the kids who participate in it.


2. Chili. Every year my brother- and sister-in-law host a chili cook-off. The competition among family and friends is pretty heated (pun intended), but everyone cools off with a few ….ahem…frosty beverages.


It’s a fun fall family tradition that includes the wooden bean trophy (above) that each year’s winner must take home and add something to it (a grass skirt, a hat, an arm, etc.) and it must be prominently displayed in the winner’s home for a year.  This year’s winner was Dan’s cousin’s husband Mark. His wife, Jen, says she found the perfect spot to “prominently display” it all year:


You wish your family was this much fun.

3. Boots. Dan: “I counted. You have eight pairs of boots in your closet. That’s not even counting your snow boots and rain boots downstairs.” Me: “Your point?”


Things I’m not loving this week

Meetings. Wasting time and hindering productivity and progress for decades….

This gross gum wall. I would tell you what this story is all about, but I can’t even get past the photos. This is repulsive…and I have low standards when it comes to gross things like stirring my coffee with my pencil or cutting my apple on a sheet of paper on my desk *gasp* (that’s for you, Holly).

Weekday mornings: Here’s why: