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Reverb Press: Guns And Jesus: How The Christian Right Hijacked The Bible To Suit Their Lifestyles

“The absurd belief that a Christian can embrace the name of Jesus and then invent a doctrine that rejects the basic tenets of the Jesus of the Gospels is the perfect example of cognitive dissonance. Jesus told his followers that they could not serve two masters. Any theology or faith that excuses, condones, or encourages violence in any form against another person or culture is a depraved and prostituted belief system. That includes American Christianity.”

Salon: Steve Jobs, Messiah to Jerks  (I’ve never understood the fascination with this guy who took a lot of credit for work/ideas that were not his, denied his own child for years, refused to ever forgive/meet his father, berated his staff, and, even when facing death, was never philanthropic. He was a class-A A-hole, folks).

“If Steve Jobs is the future role model, than it’s no wonder that today’s youth are accused of being overly narcissistic and isolated; that they believe that the new digital rich are exempt from a personal responsibility to justice and equality; that being smarter fundamentally entitles you to treat other people like shit. I enjoy the privileges and apps of my iPhone as much as the next person, but the price of “progress” is simply too damn high when — like Steve Jobs — we begin to pay with our humanity and our compassion. “

Buzzfeed: 21 Ridiculously Warm Products Everyone Who Works In A Freezing Office Needs  (I freeze year-round. The struggle is real, folks. I need like 19 of these products.)

Jezebel: Without Photos and Magazines, How Do Teens Even Decorate Their Walls? (LOL…but…seriously…how do they?)

Salon: Jimmy Fallon’s Falls Aren’t Funny Anymore (Rhut rho, Jimmy).