Three things I’m loving this week:

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1. Girlfriends. I would not make it through these days without my tribe(s). That is all.

2. Exercise. The one thing guaranteed to make me happy, especially if I do it with friends:


and wear a cape:


or a sparkly skirt:

pittsburgh relay

3. WalMart’s product care plan. If you’re planning to buy a kid (or even yourself) an iPod or iPad from WalMart, I highly suggest you purchase the Product Care Plan (just $19 for an iPod Nano) because it covers everything — even if you drop it or leave it out in the rain — for two years. They’ve replaced two iPod Nanos (with shattered screens) for me already. When I buy the replacement (they send you a check to buy a new one), you bet I’m buying the product care plan again.


4. Country Fair’s cute new lids. Did you notice the Fair’s new coffee lids make a cute little smile…with a heart nose? I can’t be the only one who sees these things.


5. Lauren’s costume. I’m loving how Lauren’s ghost costume turned out. Simple, understated, and totally retro. (There’s a black fedora on top…which you can’t really see because of the black cabinets in the backround).

Things I’m not loving this week

1. Salon’s stupid advertisements. has some great content, unfortunately they also now have obnoxious ads that keep freezing my computer.

2. Freezin’ season. Ah…’tis the season to wrap myself in a fleece blanket, type with gloves on, wear my coat all day, and fire up my contraband space heater. Sucks to work in a “historic” building.

3. Windy rain. Wind? Fine. Rain? Fine. Wind blowing rain all over the place? @#$!@$!