Forbes: 11 Secrets of Irresistible People (I wouldn’t go around saying I’m “irresistible,” but I can tell you this article is dead on).

Salon: Reaganomics Killed America’s Middle Class (Look, I know most of us loved the Big Gipper, but he’s responsible for this capitalist mess we’re in now).

The Atlantic: The Neverending Work Day (I don’t really get people who put gobs & gobs of hours in at the office because…what’s the point? I mean…if you’re not spending time with your family or living your life and doing the things you want, then what are you working so hard for? To leave money to the family who feels they don’t know you? To buy an expensive car you don’t need to impress people you don’t like? I really don’t get workaholics. Your squandering your life on shit that doesn’t really matter, man.)

Salon: We’re dying in here, Miss” Horrors I saw in Solitary Confinement (It’s inhumane)

Jezebel: How to Send Your Daughter to a Timeout…in the Patriarchy (It is literally my dream to one day write for Jezebel. I am LOLing right now…even though this subject is not something to laugh about).

“It’s 2015; women are still paid less than men. People all shrug their shoulders and wonder why. Well, this is why. This is parents telling their children not only to internalize sexism, but to sit on that sexism and sob.”

Runner’s Notes: Cellulitis – Don’t Ignore Swelling (yep…linking to myself again… but it’s useful info whether you run or not).