Three things I’m loving this week


1. Fall color! This is it, folks. It’s peak color week in our area. Check out this map from the DCNR. Of course…this weekend’s weather is supposed to be crap. Hey..we can’t have it all!


2. Wintergreen gorge. Gurgling water…rocks…frogs…trees…leaves…insects…cooler temps. The gorge is my happy place. Sam and Lauren’s, too:


You can keep your beach houses and lake views, I’ve got this piece of paradise in my backyard.


3. A clean bedroom. I was off on Monday and doing some writing in my office in the morning when Lauren announced, “I’m going to clean my room.” And then…she did. What the what? She even swept the rug, which…turns out is gray. Who knew?

Things I’m not loving this week

drink pink for real

1. Pinkwashing, No bra day and other bullshit October pink campaigns. This has got to stop. Here’s why and here’s why the no-bra thing is the completely wrong thing to do (I mean…we’re talking bout women who are losing their breasts. How does flaunting yours help them? It doesn’t. It’s sexualizing a very serious disease).


2. My inflexibility. This is me in Pilates with my tight, thick runners’ hamstrings. It’s quite embarrassing, actually. (Though I will say that going to pilates twice a week has helped and I’m more flexible now than I’ve ever been).

3. The high cost of shopping local. You guys, I want to shop local. I do. I try. I want to support Erie-area businesses, but when they are charging twice (or more) for products, I just can’t justify it.

Case in point: Lauren joined the Y swim team and needed a new suit. We went to the Erie Sports Store where I purchased a swim suit for $75 — the cheapest one I could find and the most expensive bathing suit I have bought in my life. Because she needs several suits (they burn through them quick when they are in chlorine two hours a night for weeks on end), I went online to and bought her three more suits for LESS than the price of the one suit at ESS…and it’s being delivered to my doorstep…for free.