I took Monday off because it was Columbus Day and even though it’s been established that our man Columbus was a dolt and “found” a “new world” that wasn’t even the one he was looking for and was, in fact, already inhabited, the forlorn explorer’s journey offers today’s Americans a convenient excuse to take the day off and go shop the Columbus Day sales (‘merica! Consume… consume…consume!).

I used to have Columbus Day off when I worked at the newspaper and every year since I left there, I would get jealous when all my old coworkers would post photos of their bonus day off adventures while I sat at work, enjoying a gorgeous autumn day from behind glass.

So this year, I decided to take the day off, too. Though…my “days off” might kill the average person. My Columbus Day started with an early morning workout and 4-mile run, then ran Lauren to a doctor’s appointment, did a little housework and laundry, wrote a few blog posts, decorated for Halloween, and went hiking.

Meanwhile….back at the ranch:

sleepy 2 sleepy

Something tells me this is what every day is like for this crew.

That “something” may or may not be pet hair on every soft surface in my house.


Speaking of the secret lives of pets…have you seen this trailer? We can’t wait for the movie, which is supposed to be released in June.