Huffington Post: 8 Things I Am Too Old For (LOL. Yes! Definitely #4 & #7, but, for me, especially #6.)

Salon: The Whole Market is Tilted In Favor of the Rich (The former secretary of labor explains why Americans pay more for food and Internet than any other advanced nation.)

“The most important political competition over the next decades will not be between the right and left, or between Republicans and Democrats. It will be between a majority of Americans who have been losing ground, and an economic elite that refuses to recognize or respond to its growing distress.”

Huffington Post: Please Put that Pink Can of Pink Soup Down and Put your Bra Back On

“While I am beyond thrilled that breast cancer is no longer a taboo issue and that people are talking about it, the commercialism has gotten out of hand. There is nothing pink and rosy about breast cancer, yet it has been pink-washed to death. It is a serious disease that kills.”

Scary Mommy: Deluded vs. Actual Parenting — Things I Said I Would Never Do, and Then Did

Salon: An Oregon Teacher’s Letter to Lawmakers – We Don’t Need Your Prayers, We Need Your Courage

They have to be prepared to hide out of the line of fire, and I to fight for our survival, because you, our lawmakers, haven’t done your jobs. I will tell them that their rights, my rights, the rights of my 5-year-old, to attend school without fear of facing senseless slaughter by machine-gun fire, are not important to you, that we must be prepared to fight tooth and nail, stapler and whiteboard marker, because you refuse to fight the gun lobby in this country.