Things I’m loving this week


Cider Day. Every September (unless, like last year, there’s no apple crop), our friends John & Linda invite us and other friends over to make apple cider using John’s 1800s-era cider press. It’s one of my favorite days of the year….and it all ends with with real cider (not that pasteurized crap they sell you in stores) and Linda’s homemade chicken-and-biscuits dinner (the ultimate comfort food).


September clouds. Is there anything more beautiful than Erie’s skies in September? Puffy white clouds set in a bright blue sky make it look like something out of a story book. September skies are only outdone by October’s foliage. Coming soon to a forest near you.


New artwork in basement. Kelly got an urge to make art and decorated the basement rec room with her paintings. The basement was the first home improvement project we did at our house 15+ years ago and it’s time for a re-do so the kids have a place to hang with their friends.  It’s going to be my winter project this year.


Roasted asparagus. If I could only eat one vegetable for the rest of my life, it would be roasted asparagus. And even though I love veggies, it would be enough.

Things I’m not loving this week

Our living room furniture. We bought an inexpensive living room furniture set at one of those cheap places on Peach Street five or six years ago, knowing full well it wasn’t going to last. At this point, it’s not just ugly or worn out, it’s breaking down and embarrassing.

Race preparation. I’m the founder and race director for the Her Times women’s 5K (Oct. 3, this year), and I love the race and the girlfriend-ly vibe and sisterhood it promotes, but I hate event planning. The two weeks leading up to the race are always stressful and sleep interrupting.