Three things I’m loving this week

doodle poll

1. Doodle Poll. If you’ve ever tried to schedule a meeting (or photo) with a group of people (college professors, for example), you know it can be nearly impossible to do via e-mail (I can come this day, but not this time…I can come this day but not this one….etc.). Doodle is an online program that allows you to create a simple “poll” and does not require anyone to create an account (or do the dreaded log in) to participate. So, you can send out a Doodle Poll, giving several people suggested meeting time/date options and they can respond to the poll, choosing the dates/times that work for them. You, in turn, can see the time/date that works best for the majority of the people involved and plan accordingly. It’s pretty awesome if you have an application for it in your work or personal life.


2. Lottery by Patricia Wood. I’m in a book club with some of my running friends and though I’m only halfway through, I can tell you that I love this book. I love it so much that I’m pacing myself so I can enjoy it longer. Told through the perspective of a mentally challenged (but not retarded, as he’ll frequently remind you) lottery winner, it’s creative, breezy, and funny. As a writer, I marvel at her skill in developing the characters through Perry’s voice/eyes.

kayaking - lagoons

3. My purple kayak. Some of my friends bought kayaks early this summer and then tortured me with gorgeous photos on Facebook of them paddling all over the myriad of lakes and rivers around the Erie area. I started saving my freelance money to get my own kayak and then I rolled up on THIS when I was out for a bike ride in the country …the day before my birthday:

kayak for sale

Well, happy birthday to me.  I immediately texted a photo to my husband and pedaled home as fast my my legs would carry me. We were in the truck and picking my new purple kayak up less than a half hour later.

This weekend was my first opportunity to put her in the water and it was as awesome and peaceful as I imagined. (Sure…I got a terrible leg infection the first time I took it into the lagoons — more on that below — but….).

Three things I’m not loving this week


1. Cellulitis. Holy sh$%balls. This is the Frankenfoot I developed after getting bit by a deer fly while kayaking in the Presque Isle lagoons on Saturday. As soon as the sucker bit me (I saw it…I had been trying to kill it for at least 15 minutes), I scratched it and it began to swell…and swell…and swell.

After posting this photo (above) on Facebook — thank God for FB, right? — a friend warned me that it could be Cellulitis and I should have it checked out because it can be very serious.

I went to Urgent Care on Sunday morning (about 24 hours after being bitten) and was diagnosed with Cellulitis and given an anitbiotic. It took four days for the swelling to go down. Today, five days later, my leg from the knee down to toes is still tender to the touch and feels bruised.

It’s nothing to mess with folks. If this every happens, be aware that things could go very bad, very fast.


2.  Dead fish. A word math problem. If you spend $2 on 10 balls/chances to win a fish at the county fair and you win two fish, how soon will they both be dead? 12-72 hours.  (Poor Lauren.)

3. Ridiculous parenting suggestions like this. *smdh* Do we really need a “how to” on this?  This is insane…and it’s the reason all mothers are on the edge. Who decorates their composition books with googly eyes? A carefully crafted notebook wouldn’t survive one trip in the typical kid’s overstuffed backpack jammed full of sneakers, rocks, books, electronics, chargers, erasers, notes, Pokemon cards, and small toys. Plus, any kid that pulls that out in class is going to get his ass kicked.