A random collections of blog posts, articles and other things I think are worth sharing.

Huffington Post: The 3-Second Pause that Can Save a Morning and Spare Some Pain (I may have posted this before…but it bears repeating. I need to remember this because, as you know, I’m terribly impatient).

The Mirror Post: How to Respond to Negative People Without Being Negative (Good reminders, though….nearly impossible to remember/put into practice.)

Jezebel: Godless Parents are Doing Just Fine (I know I’ve got a couple of pastors who read this blog — hi, guys! — so I just want to say this is in no way meant to offend them or any other religious readers …and…I sort of object to this writer’s tone, but…the info/content is pretty solid and thought-provoking.)

“The reason of course, is obvious. Morality comes not from a book, or a guy up in the sky, but from the idea that how you treat people matters, because how people feel matters. The Golden Rule. Doing unto others as you would have them do unto you, is, Zuckerman writes, “an ancient, universal ethical imperative. And it requires no supernatural beliefs.”

Millihelen: Why Does Every Store Want Me to Wear Hideous Clothes This Fall?  (This is HILARIOUS, but….some may be offended, I guess. She’s an f-bomber.)

“It’s an enormous pants party! Anyone who thinks they could get me in a pair of oversized, velvet pants is on some very expensive drugs.”