Things I’m loving this week

1. A way to preserve fresh basil. I love fresh basil so much that I have two giant pots on my front steps. I’ve tried bringing it in and keeping to alive over winter, but it never survives, so I was thrilled to find an easy way to preserve fresh basil (Don’t be afraid of the oil…it’s good for you…we need some fat!)

2. Coming Clean. Written by the daughter of hoarders, I couldn’t put this book down. It’s a fascinating look at the disease from a child’s (and an adult child’s) perspective.


3. Birthday Rewards. So…you know I complain routinely about all the shopper “reward” cards I carry and the marketing data they collect from it (and what’s being done with it). But…here’s one benefit to me — a bevy of birthday surprises. Kohl’s gave me $10 off a $10 purchase. Starbucks loaded my gift card with a free cup of coffee. Sheetz gave me a free pastry. Tough Mudder offered me 20% off merchandise. And, Panera — OH, PANERA — gave me a free pastry AND a free cup of coffee for the ENTIRE month of September. You win, Panera. You win.

Things I’m not loving

1. Miley Cyrus. *sigh* Oh, honey, just stop. Doesn’t she have any honest friends? Oi. I feel sorry for that girl. Her attempts to shock and garner attention are just… sad.

2. Curriculum changes/gaps. So…the girls’ school is now teaching keyboarding (what we once knew as typing) in 5th and 6th grade and teaching Microsoft Office in 7th and 8th, which is great. I applaud the use of computers earlier in their academic careers, but this new curriculum started this year and my daughters are in 7th and 8th and so they are, if I am to understand the computer teacher, out of luck and destined to become lifelong hunt-and-peckers. I consider typing a vital skill today, don’t you? How can you teach Office without teaching typing? Isn’t that like teaching writing without teaching spelling first?

3. Maxim Korea’s disgusting cover. And the whole world’s collective shrug about it. If that were a dog tied up in that trunk, the whole world would rise up and protest, but a woman…meh…we see that every day on TV, right? Hell…Miley will probably pose for her next cover like this.