Things I’m loving this week


1. Saucony sale at Shoe Carnival. Oh…I love a good sale…and last night I found one on Saucony Cohesion running shoes (mine and Dan’s shoe) at Shoe Carnival — snagging two pairs of shoes mailed to my house for $57. Read more about it here.


2. New hummer feeder. I have two hummingbird feeders (and an oriole feeder they eat out of, too). A couple years ago, I added third feeder that had a blue bottom. The birds wouldn’t touch it. I don’t know why. After two years, I gave up and bought this one and for the first time ever, I have several hummers fighting for a position on it. Though, admittedly, it could be that word got out we have the sweetest nectar around — Lauren made the last batch for me and when I told her to add 8 scoops (1/4 cup scoop), she thought I meant 8 cups, so….it’s pretty much hummingbird crack right now.


3. Tim Horton’s coffee. I find Starbucks and McDonald’s to be too bitter, Country Fair too bland and Tim Horton’s coffee to be juuuuussst right.

Things I’m not loving this week

1. Back to school B.S. Enforcing bedtimes, hectic mornings, homework, socks, filling out the same exact health forms I’ve filled out for the last nine years….gah!

2. People who abuse the “All employees” email distribution list. There’s a special place in hell for people who deem everything that their department does as worthy of being shouted from the rooftops (email server) multiple times a week. I’m about to go ape-shit one one chronic abuser.