Things I’m loving this week

1. Students back on campus. Summers on college campuses are quiet. Sure…there are summer classes, and summer camps, and students who are still around doing summer research…and it’s a peaceful reprieve…at first. But it’s exciting when 4,000 students and faculty return and bring the campus back to life.


2. Peek’n Peak’s Mountain Top Adventure Course. It’s pretty awesome, but it’s not for the weak or those afraid of heights. Read more about it here.


3. The Allegheny River.  Dan’s aunt and uncle have a camp on the Allegheny River in Warren and it’s always a peaceful place to spend a day or two. This year, we rented canoes and paddled down river (thanks to a headwind…we had to paddle. *sigh*). When we got back, there was still plenty of time to fish, swim, relax, and enjoy a few drinks and s’mores around the campfire. The girls didn’t fight the whole time we were there. Also…I saw my first bald eagle:


Things I’m not loving this week

  1. Summer homework. We knew it would happen…and despite our incessant reminders and prodding to do a little of it every day, the girls waited until the two weeks before school starts to begin their summer homework packets (which are total bulls#$t in and of themselves, but….).


2. This expression. I’ve been seeing FAR too much of this face lately. This too shall pass….this too shall pass…this too shall pass….

3.  “The Altar Girl.” This was an Amazon Prime freebie and proof that you get what you pay for. I got about halfway through before I deleted it from my Kindle. Life is too short and there are too many good books to read to slog through a bad one.