Things I’m loving this week


1. Betty Crocker’s Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. I’ve tried a least two dozen chocolate chip cookie recipes and none are better — or more simple — than Betty’s. Butter, brown sugar, granulated sugar, eggs, salt, baking soda, flour, and chocolate chips. That’s it. And they turn out great every time. (Tip: Use a cookie scoop for uniform, round cookies.)


2. Creek walks. We are so fortunate to have Fourmile Creek, literally, in our back yard. Every couple years we do a creek walk from Penn State Behrend (foot of Cooper Road) back to our house. It’s about a 3.25 mile trip along the winding water way, but it takes us several hours because we stop at all the swimming holes and waterfalls so the kids (and dogs) can swim and play.


3. Discovering the path to the Presque Isle Lighthouse. I’ve lived in Erie all my life and have seen the lighthouse millions of times from the South Pier, but never had a clue how to get to it. Last Saturday night, after helping a friend set up for the duathlon at Beach 11, we took a walk on the road with the houseboats and found that it led to the Presque Isle pier and lighthouse. Who knew? Now I do…and now you do, too.

Things I’m not loving this week

1. iTunes. Seriously…it’s just infuriating every time I have to use that program. This is why I’ve been listening to the same music since 2009.  (I download podcasts…and that’s annoying enough).

2. Short lending periods—and no renewals—on e-books from the library. Two weeks is not nearly enough time for me to read a book….even if I read at stop lights, in the grocery store line, and while I walk to my office.

3. Whiners. Like Maya Angelou says: