Things I’m loving this week


1. Donald Trump insult generator “Because the Republican presidential candidate hasn’t gotten around to mocking everyone in the world just yet”….now there is an insult generator so he can insult you and your friends, too. Hilarious. Thank God for the comedic relief brought to the campaign by Donald Trump…even Jon Stewart agrees.


2. Vacation days. I have a generous amount of vacation time and, even more important, the ability to actually take advantage of it. Truly thankful for that.


3. Our pool/night swimming. Our pool is the most frivolous, impulsive, $10 grand we ever spent. But…it’s been worth every dollar. I’m glad we did it before we had kids because we’d probably never spend the money on it now. Night swimming on a hot, humid evening is simply Heaven on earth.

Things I’m not loving

1. Procrastination. Not sure when I became an on-deadline writer, but it’s clearly time for me to own it. It’s good I thrive/write well under pressure.

2. Popped pool toys. If I had back all the money we’ve blown on inflatable pool toys, I could put in another pool.

3. No more beach concerts. It’s unfortunate that the Sunset Series beach concerts (Beach No. 1 at Presque Isle on Wednesday nights) end in mid July…just when it’s getting good & hot.