A random collections of blog posts, articles and other things I think are worth sharing.

Money: 4 Mental Blocks That Keep You From Being a Work Superstar (I don’t care much about being a “work superstar” but there’s some useful advice here)

Huffington Post: The Lost Girls (So disappointed in Joan Jett’s response to this whole thing.)

Atlantic: Keep Plastic Out of the Microwave (I quit heating things in plastic a few years ago and will only use glass. I totally recommend Pyrex. I love these bowls for heating and storing food.

Time: 5 Things I Learned When I Quit My Six-Figure Job and Moved to Mexico (This is my dream. I’d love to sell all this shit and just move away and live in paradise leading kayak tours through mangroves for tourists. Every time we visit Mexico or the Caribbean, I think…why don’t we live here? Why?)

Emotional Geographic.com: The Letter Your Teenager Can’t Write You (This made me a little weepy.)