Three things I’m loving this week


1. Parking lots bursting with blooms. Have you noticed the gorgeous flower beds all around the plazas on upper Peach Street? Fabulous. Someone spent a lot of time and money planting the most colorful annuals I’ve ever seen and was worth EVERY dollar. Be sure to look around next time you visit the Kohls, Target, Sams Club or Home Depot plazas!


2. Online cake ordering. Oh, how I hate to talk on the phone. So, I was thrilled to learn that I could order a D.Q. Ice Cream Cake for Dan’s birthday online. Sweet!

ok google.

3. OK Google. I had no idea my SmartPhone had ears until I heard my daughter asking Google all kinds of insane questions (Seriously, like…how many moths are there in the world, what is the largest cat, etc.). At the Google search bar, instead of typing in what you need, you just say “OK Google” and then it “listens” to you and responds with top answers for your question. This is particularly helpful when you’re driving and you need to find the nearest gas station or get directions to your next location.  Or…if you have a curious kid like mine that continually asks you inane unanswerable questions like how many leaves are on an oak tree.


4. Naps. I’m not a napper because you know I hate idle time, right? But, lately, on a few occasions I’ve sat down for just a few minutes — in the hammock/on the couch/in my room while hiding from the squabbling sisters — and fell asleep for twenty minutes or so and woke feeling ah-mah-zing. Energy galore. I’m no longer going to knock naps.

Three things I’m not loving this week


1. Scorpion. I saw this show a few times in the winter — probably because it follows something I want to watch…who knows what (I don’t keep track of what is on when well) — and I enjoyed it because of the quirky characters and emphasis on brains over beauty, but…we watched an episode this week (clearly a rerun as it was a Christmas episode) that was so over-the-top and unbelievable that I’m done.

(Not posting an image because…no. Just no.)

2. Confederate flags. If you fly one, wear one, or have one painted on anything you own, I assume your a racist. That fact that they still fly over government buildings in the south is reprehensible.



3. Apollos. The one exercise guaranteed to make me walk (sit, stand, etc.) funny for at least 24 hours.